We are a modern and service-oriented office in the heart of Baden-Baden. In modern ambience chancellery public Natalie Sonntag offer efficient service, specializing in the following:
* Real estate law
* Company law
* Family law, law of succession and devolution of the inheritance
Notarization can be performed in English at all times. We offer the complete range of notarial services and are pleased to be available as adviser in all notarial matters.

The personal consultation relating to your specific case can not replace the information on the following pages. For this, we ask you, to make an appointment with us.

The office is located in the Goldenes Kreuz:
Lichtentaler Straße 13 (Goldenes Kreuz) - 4. Floor
76530 Baden-Baden

You can reach us:
Telephone: +49 (0)7221-3719797
Telefax:  +49 (0)7221-3719780
E-Mail: info@notarin-sonntag.de

We will be glad to advise you by telephone.

23621 15 Mile Rd #C104, Clinton MI, 48035, New York, USA

  • Email: support@spectrum.com
  • Phone: +88(0)0 234456
  • Fax: +88 (0) 000033454

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